I would hope to have the pleasure of dealing with you again in the future

Mr Glen , 06 Jun 2018

“I’m a former rental customer of your organisation under which I had the pleasure of dealing with Sheila Angell. Truth is, I’d like to bring to your attention the brilliant service and relationship I had with Sheila during the time I rented under her management. If I had a problem, she immediately took care of it. If I wanted something, she immediately did her very best to cater to my request. If I wrote her silly emails garnished with a little anger disguised as humour, she always emailed back, or phoned me and made me laugh with her sense of humour. If she ever visited the property, then she always turned up at the door with a smile and warm conversation. I’m normally not compelled to write these sort of emails, but Sheila absolutely deserves the acknowledgement. If I know of anyone ever looking to rent in Sydney, or I return there one day, I hope like hell that my friends and/or myself get the pleasure of dealing with Sheila.” – R Glen