The logical choice of agent to sell or lease my property

Louise Copeta , 07 Oct 2019

For over ten years Sheila Angell had been the Property Manager of my property. This resulted in developing a professional relationship particularly in how both my interests as the Landlord and those of the long- term tenant were represented. The experience she brought to the management and her understanding of my regard for the property developed trust in her dealings with people.

Naturally, Lorna Angell was a logical consideration to be the selling agent. This enabled the smooth and forthright discussion about the process as well as a smooth transition for the tenant from one landlord to another; that was important to me as Landlord and Vendor.

Lorna gave me realistic advice from the beginning:

-          Listening to and understanding my wishes as Landlord and Vendor.

-          Clarifying my questions no matter how simple they were.

-          Providing a fair and considered market appraisal.

-          Liaising with my legal representative and the tenant.

-          Keeping me informed each step of the way.

-          Providing feedback about each open house and prospective purchasers.

-          Guiding me as to changes in market trends.

-          Finally securing a price above my set reserve.

This was of great solace dealing with the sale from regional New South Wales. I had not expected the process to be so easy and considering Lorna’s input, it was.

I would not hesitate recommending Lorna as a selling agent or Sheila as a managing agent.


Louise Copeta